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14 January
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Strangers In Prague

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Kristen Bjorn

Strangers from Prague, get together for some steamy gay sex in this orgy scene from Kristen Bjorn.

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10 December
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XXXMas Party Sex










William Higgins

As we saw in the first part of the Christmas Wank Party we have a really great line-up of guys, Mattias Solich, Milan Perger, Radim Hajek, Daniel Sebesta and Niklas Serdberg. We find Radim rimming Milan’s ass, with Niklas doing the same for Mattias. At the same time Milan is sucking on Mattias’ rock hard cock as Daniel wanks on Milan. Radim then stands and begins to fuck Milan’s tight hole as Niklas slides his big dick into Mattias as well. As he watches Daniel wanks himself and gets ready to take over the fucking of Mattias. Niklas pulls out of Mattias ass and is replaced by Daniel whose dick slides deep inside. As Mattias takes that big cock in his hole he reaches over and begins to suck on Niklas. Daniel wants to feel some ass wrapped around his cock too, so Niklas sits down on his throbbing dick and rides it as he is sucked by Milan. Meanwhile Radim has taken over fucking Mattias eager hole. Daniel loves the feel of that ass on his cock and starts thrusting up into that hole as fast as he can. The guys move again and Radim fucks Niklas tight ass as Mattias sits down on Daniels cock. Milan feeds his cock into Niklas’ mouth for sucking too. The he feeds it to Daniel as Niklas wanks himself hard and fast, Mattias does the same. He soon shoots a big, creamy load of cum. Daniel pulls out and cums as well, shooting the cream all over Mattias. Radim is ready with cum as well and dumps his load on Niklas. Then Milan shoots over Niklas face. Niklas sucks on the cock to completely drain it as he wanks himself and drops his load as well. What a wonderful Wank Party, All the guys were great giving us a great Christmas present.

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06 June

Tyler Gets Glazed








Dirty Tony

What could be better than four of my hottest studs killing an afternoon watching America’s favorite pastime, professional wrestling? Tyler Griz, America, newcomer Joey and one of my favorites cuties, Timo, were enjoying a cage match on the tube when excitable Tyler Griz brings the horsing around to a new level. This fiery handful starts playing rough with Timo, and all hell breaks loose. Now, America is not one to be left out of any kind of man on man wrestling fun, so he decides to jump in and show Tyler some of his special moves. The normally quiet and shy Joey sees the stud puppy melee and wants in on some of the action. He grabs one of Tyler’s legs and helps smack that ass raw. Lippy Tyler gets manhandled by his buddies and loves every second of it. America hollers out the ultimatum “Give up or be penetrated!” And guess what? Tyler just won’t give up the ghost and eagerly decides to take his pummeling like a man. America slings his uncut sausage into Tyler’s mouth and demands a sucking. Tyler’s lips say no (kind of, but not really). But his eyes say yes, yes, yes! Happy as happy can be, he services the dicks waving in his face, takes being cock slapped on the cheek, and gets plowed by thick cock after thick cock. The guys go round and round on Tyler, making sure every hole of his has a dick in it at all times. Timo invokes his favorite move and sets his ass on Tyler’s face for a clean licking while America plows in-between his spread legs. After the boys have their way with Tyler’s pink pucker, they take turns shooting huge jock loads all over his face and painting his tanned and tattooed pecs. After the last load has been dumped on him and Tyler is still seeing stars, the boys take him to the showers for one last round.

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25 July

Group Fuck

Next Door Buddies

We exist together in a world of uncertainty, doubt, restlessness, regret, stress, and worry. Many seek answers and solutions from traditional religion, ancient philosophy, and far east thinkers. But too often true enlightenment remains elusive. The essence of total freedom is still merely a whisper in the wind, always dancing just out of reach. When other roads have lead to dead ends, when the straight path becomes too gnarled to follow, when the guiding light becomes obscured, the Rectodus Society is there. If your soul needs nourishment, we’ll let you drink, come. If you feel a lacking, we’ll fill your hole with dictations from our well equipped counselors.

The Rectodus Society is an organization founded upon principles of encouragement, brotherhood, and acceptance. With a passion for guiding men by coming together we are a beacon for those struggling to walk the straight path. The Rectodus motto is ‘turning you gay so she doesn’t have to.’

In this video captured from an actual Rectodus Seminar and Retreat, you’ll witness nine men learning, sharing, and bonding together by participating in a carefully structured activity session. The basic agenda for each attending member includes 1) KISSING another man, 2) JERKING OFF another man, 3) RIMMING (optional, but strongly recommended), and 5) FUCKING (positions negotiable). Watch the amazing symbiosis as these nine sincere men come together to transition into new awareness of themselves, and harness their rightfully deserved destinies. Feel the intensity as Parker London takes two cocks in his ass at one time in a Rectodus technique called ‘double penetration.’ See Adam Wirthmore’s gentle guidance as a Rectodus counselor as he deepthroats Jay Cloud’s long, hard boner. You’ll get goosebumps watching Brec Boyd experience Dylan Hauser’s tight asshole as both men expand their consciousnesses. As James Jamesson is counseled by Wirthmore through intensive fuck therapy, Tyler Torro bangs the international ass of Marko Lebeau, a Rectodus attendee from beautiful Montreal. And when you experience the breakthrough made by the once bashful Vance Crawford as he joins his new brothers in blowing hot, built-up loads all over Counselor Wirthmore’s face, you’ll realize your own potential.

Don’t hesitate another minute, stumbling in the dark. Let the Rectodus Society become an important part of your life TODAY!

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25 July

Mens Room Orgy

Bound In Public


Micah Andrews has the fantasy of being a bathroom whore so Cole Streets takes him to a local cruising spot to live it out. He gets stripped right away and they eat the boy’s round ass. Cole feeds him his cock as the boy crawls around giving out handjobs and getting pissed on by complete strangers. Micah gets gang fucked in the stall. They pull him out and flog him so that his ass is nice and red for the next fucking. When everyone is finished using the boy they make him ride a cock until he shoots his load then cover him in piss and cum.

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